nm-layered amorphous glassy oxide composites for next-generation detectors of gravitational waves: the AdCOAT project.

Canepa M., Pinto I.M., Rocchi A., Vocca H., Chao S. per la Collaborazione INFN AdCOAT
  Lunedì 26/09   15:00 - 19:00   Edificio Psicologia 2 - Aula 2E   III - Astrofisica
Glassy oxide composites consisting of alternating plane nm-scale layers of, $e.g.$, $TiO_{2}$ or $HfO_{2}$ and a good glass-former ($SiO_{2}$ or $Al_{2}O_{3}$) have been proposed as candidate materials for the highly reflecting low-noise mirror-coating of next-generation gravitational wave detectors. The study of the relevant morphological, optical and mechanical properties of these composites has been the focus of the INFN AdCOAT project, whose main results will be summarized.