Production of neutron-rich nuclei of the terra incognita.

Quero D., Vardaci E., Kozulin E.M., Itkis I.M., Knyazheva G., Novikov K., Corradi L.
  Venerdì 30/09   09:00 - 12:00   Edificio Psicologia 2 - Aula 3F   I - Fisica nucleare e subnucleare
Multi-nucleon transfer reactions are the only known mean to produce neutron-rich nuclei of the terra incognita. In particular, the closed-shell region $N=126$ plays a central role for studying shell quenching in neutron-rich nuclei and for astrophysical interest being the last "waiting-point" of the r-process. The choice of suitable reactions is challenging. A favorable case is the reaction ${}^{136}Xe+{}^{208}Pb$, around the Coulomb barrier, because the neutron shell-closures of ${}^{136}Xe$ and ${}^{208}Pb$ play a stabilizing role which favors the proton-transfer from lead to xenon leading to neutron-rich osmium fragments. TOF-TOF data were analyzed to reconstruct the mass-energy distribution of the primary fragments.