Precise Orbit Determination of the two LAGEOS and LARES satellites and the LARASE activities.

Lucchesi D.M., Anselmo L., Bassan M., Magnafico C., Pardini C., Peron R., Pucacco G., Stanga R., Visco M.
  Venerdì 30/09   15:00 - 18:00   Edificio Psicologia 2 - Aula 2E   III - Astrofisica
The LAser RAnged Satellites Experiment (LARASE) research program aims to provide an original contribution in testing and verifying Einstein's General Relativity in the field of the Earth by means of the powerful Satellite Laser Ranging technique. We focus upon the precise orbit determination (POD) results we obtained for the considered satellites within the LARASE activities. The analysis strategy and models setup will be discussed along with the POD quality in terms of fit statistics and residuals. The current level of accuracy will be briefly assessed, along with current work for its improvement.