Activity on ECR-based charge breeding in the framework of the SPES project.

Galatà A., Roncolato C., Comunian M., Bellan L., Angot J., Lamy T.
  Venerdì 30/09   15:00 - 18:00   Edificio Psicologia 2 - Aula 3G   VI - Fisica applicata, Acceleratori e Beni Culturali
The Selective Production of Exotic Species (SPES) facility is under construction at INFN-LNL: aim of this project is the production, ionization and post-acceleration of radioactive ions to perform forefront research in nuclear physics. Post acceleration with the newly designed RFQ and the superconducting linac ALPI will be possible by implementing an ECR-based charge breeder (SPES-CB): in particular, the LPSC Grenoble developed the SPES-CB based on the Phoenix booster. The SPES-CB will be equipped with a complete test bench totally integrated with the SPES beam line: in order to avoid beam contaminations induced by the breeding stage, special attention was paid to the treatment of all the surfaces exposed to the plasma, and to the resolution of the spectrometer downstream the charge breeder. This led to the design of a Medium-Resolution Mass Spectrometer (MRMS), based on the one employed for CARIBU at ANL. This contribution will describe the SPS-CB and its beam line, showing also the results of its acceptance tests held in March 2015 on the LPSC test bench. Moreover, mention will be given to the numerical investigation of different physical aspects involved in the ECR-based charge breeding process.