Out of equilibrium density dynamics of a quenched fermionic system.

Porta S., Gambetta F. M., Cavaliere F., Traverso Ziani N., Sassetti M.
  Mercoledì 28/09   10:00 - 13:00   Edificio Psicologia 2 - Aula 2B   II - Fisica della materia
We investigate the time evolution of the particle density of a one-dimensional fermionic system with open boundaries and subject to a finite-duration quench of the inter-particle interaction. We show that both switching on and switching off the quench ramp create light-cone perturbations in the density. The post-quench dynamics is strongly affected by the interference between these two perturbations: the discrepancy between the time-dependent density and the one obtained by a generalized Gibbs ensemble picture vanishes with an oscillatory behavior as a function of the quench duration, with local minima corresponding to a perfect overlap of the two light-cone perturbations.