Simulation, development and workbench testing of a Double-tuned (${}^{23}Na/{}^{1}H$) nested birdcage RF coil for MRI applications.

Vitacolonna A., Galante A., Florio T.M., Chincarini A., Retico A., Alecci M.
  Mercoledì 28/09   16:30 - 19:00   Edificio Psicologia 2 - Aula 2C   V - Biofisica e Fisica medica
Magnetic Resonance is a very useful tool for proton and X-nuclei quantification in animal models of disease. To this purpose, specially designed double-tuned RF coils are required. In this work, we present the simulation, development and workbench testing of a dual-frequency RF volume coil suitable for ${}^{1}H$ and ${}^{23}Na$ MRI at 2.35 T. Our configuration comprises two nested coaxial birdcage coils: i) a larger (diameter 105 mm, length 160 mm) ${}^{1}H$ high-pass birdcage coil (8 legs); ii) a smaller (diameter 90 mm, length 130) ${}^{23}na$ low-pass birdcage coil (8 legs); and iii) a RF shield with diameter 151 mm and length 210 mm. A numerical FEM method (HFSS 15.2) was used for modeling. A prototype was built and tested on the workbench by means of a VNA. A very good agreement was observed between the simulated and measured resonant frequencies. Work is in progress for MRI testing with phantoms.