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First results from Gerda Phase II.

Brugnera R.
  Martedì 27/09   17:00 - 19:00   Edificio Psicologia 2 - Aula 2E   III - Astrofisica
The Gerda experiment searches for the neutrinoless double-beta decay of ${}^{76}Ge$ by operating Ge detectors directly in liquid argon. After completion of the successful Gerda Phase I, the experiment was upgraded to double the target mass and significantly reduce the background level. Newly designed Ge detectors were installed along with a background veto system detecting the liquid-argon scintillation. Phase II of data taking started in December 2015 with about 40 kg of Ge detectors and it is ongoing. The first results from Gerda Phase II and future perspectives will be presented.